These questions and answers are from the 2014 General Election. To see what the Design and Democracy Project is doing this year, follow them on Facebook.

Welcome to Ask Away

Ask the parties your questions this election

About Ask Away

Ask Away is a Q & A website where New Zealanders can ask the parties questions in the lead up to the elections. It’s an easy way to find out the parties’ positions on issues, and to compare their views side by side. It’s also a way for you to make your voice heard this election, and get the parties talking about the things that are important to you. The parties are answering the most popular questions each day, so vote for the ones you want answered. You'll see the questions move down the trending list over time, here's more about how that works.

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Who we are

Ask Away is part of the Design and Democracy Project at Massey University. It was made by:

Meg Howie - Project lead, strategic and communication designer. Ask Away is part of Meg’s Master of Design thesis.

Jon Lemmon - Lead interface designer and web developer. Jon is also a co-founder of Loomio.

Code For New Zealand - CFNZ is a collective of open-source developers, modelled on Code for America, led by Rowan Crawford.

A huge thanks to Meg’s supervisors Karl Kane and Claire Robinson, Open Lab, and the rest of the Design and Democracy team, as well as to the many other people who helped out along the way.

Our friends

Ask Away is one of several youth voter initiatives, take a look at some of the other great resources out there.

What we care about

We believe that everyone should be a part of the political conversation in our country, so we’re making it easy to be involved this election. We want to facilitate connections and conversations between those in power and the people, to help NZ’s politicians be both relevant and responsive. Through this platform, we want to facilitate youth political participation with an end goal of raising voter turnout.

How we selected the parties

Our criteria for inclusion in Ask Away is:

  • Currently in Parliament or
  • Poll at least 1% (see Pundit) and
  • Have at least 5k Facebook ‘likes’

Polling and Facebook likes measured at time when invitation letters were sent. Authorisation letters were sent to each of the parties asking for consent to participate. All parties must be registered.